Notice on Preventing Fraud

19-3-15 上午11:07 作者:IES 【

Dear foreign students,

Due to some foreign students have been cheated by some lawbreakers through Email or message recently, we notify you of the following items:

1.    There is not any extra charge for application except application fee. 

2.    The application fee is 600 RMB.

It can only be paid online via Chinese bank card and International credit card. There is not any bank account.

3.    Chang’an university never sent any Email, message,Wechat,etc. and ask for any application charge.

4.    Every application will be reviewed by teachers strictly, the result will be depend on your professional score, distrust anyone who claims to help you get the admission.

5.    For any inquiry, please contact the Admission Office,

tel:+86 029 82334270, email:

Hereby notify the above.